Are all the bags you sell guaranteed authentic Hermes?

Yes (explanation mark!)

  • We only sell authentic/original Hermes bags.
  • We only acquire our bags directly from Hermes boutiques around Europe. This means we guarantee authenticity of everything we sell for the full 100%. Full stop.
  • We do understand, due to the high number of replica designer pieces attempted to be sold as authentic by dodgy sellers on the internet, it may be scary to purchase your precious bag from a seller any other then Hermes directly. This might be especially so for new clients whom have not yet encountered us before.
  • We therefore always allow you to have the bag officially authenticated before purchase, if you so desire. (if you don’t live in Paris, there are plenty of official and independent authentication services you can contact to have the bag authenticated on your behalf)
  • If you happen to be in Paris, you may also come by to inspect the bag in Person.

I just found my dream bag on your site and would like to purchase it. How do I proceed to do this?

We are happy to hear you found your dream Hermes bag directly from our inventory.

You can simply press the contact button included in the item description to make your enquiry. We will then take it from there, according to your wishes.

How do I pay for, and receive my bag?

After you made your inquiry and you decided to proceed with your purchase, we have several options to finalize the deal:

  • You can make an appointment to view/inspect/pick up the bag in person if you are in Paris. Viewing is free and without obligation. Picking up your purchase in person also saves on shipping and handling costs.
  • If you are located a European country, we can also arrange to have one of our trusted international partners bring the bag to your doorstep. You are then free to view and inspect the bag in the comfort of your own home environment, before paying for your purchase. To arrange this takes plus/min 7 working days. You are not obligated to buy using this method, however, it does bring along shipping/handling and service charges, non-refundable, to be paid in advance.
  • For both European as well as non-European country residents we currently accept wire transfers. After your payment is received, your bag will be beautifully and securely packaged, and sent on its way fully insured with a premium courier of your choice.
  • NOTE: Due to the high number of PayPal scams currently being reported, concerning buyers purchasing and receiving authentic goods, before sending pictures of a fake version to Paypal, in order to claim the money back, WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL. We do understand it may feel somewhat unpleasant, especially for new clients. To accommodate those we would like to point out the option to purchase via:

Designer Vintage Secure Transfer Service

Are there added charges I need to consider?

The only charges we add on our part are delivery and insurance costs. Those charges will be made clear to you, before we start shipping. As each delivery is special we encourage you to get in touch before this process start so we can discuss and meet your personal requirements and preferences.

As for other added charges you may encounter, if you live outside of Europe or Hong Kong (which is duty free) you may be charged with custom duties at your own border. Over this we have no control, and these charges are responsibility of the buyer.

I don’t see my dream bag in your inventory. What are my options of getting it?

We add bags to our stock on a regular basis. However not all bags make it (directly) onto our website.

If you have a specific size/ leather/model/color combination in mind, you may send us an email with your specific enquiry. We will then check our current stock to see if we have the exact bag, or something similar available. If that is not the case the remaining 2 options are as follows: Our private luxury concierge can be sent out on a quest to track down and purchase your dream bag on your behalf, or we can put you on our in house waitlist, and we notify you whenever your dream bag happens to be added to our inventory.

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